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CALCULEX was founded in 1986 and for over 35 years has provided integrated, interoperable Airborne Flight and Mission Data Recording, Processing, and Routing systems. CALCULEX is an agile, quick-to-market small business with a verifiable track record of rapidly supplying affordable warfighting solutions to the USAF, USN, USMC, US Army, and other international armed forces. Our reputation for providing innovative, cost effective, and highly reliable solutions has been built over 3 decades.


CALCULEX has been part of Spectra Aerospace & Defense since February 2021.

  • CALCULEX is a US Small Business, owned and operated by US citizens. Products are 100% designed, manufactured and supported in the US.
  • Three CALCULEX inventions have become US DoD Standards.
  • CALCULEX is a proven supplier for over 25 US fixed and rotary wing platforms including fighters, bombers, attack helicopters, transports, UAVs, ISR, and Special Mission aircraft.
  • CALCULEX maintains a simple company infrastructure providing agility and affordability - high value to the USG.
  • CALCULEX self-funds all product development. We are your true partner.
  • CALCULEX pro-actively supports products that we delivered over 20 years ago.
  • CALCULEX is financially stable with a mature and experienced executive management team. 

Products and Services - Continuous Investment In New Capabilities

CALCULEX designs and manufactures open-standard airborne data recording and routing systems that conform to all IRIG Standard 106 protocols. As the inventor and author of this standard, CALCULEX is uniquely qualified to ensure that our products are interoperable with third party systems conforming to this IRIG 106 industry standard. This provides flexibility for our customers as new systems and capabilities are identified for future growth, thereby protecting your investment in CALCULEX products for years to come.
CALCULEX has provided our brand name solutions for over 30 years and continues to invest company funds in new product capabilities and upgrades. The chart below illustrates this evolution and the list of CALCULEX trademarked brand names. We continue to provide product support for many of these systems with a committment to our customers and the warfighter to support the products for as long as they are in use.

Industry Standard Brands

    CALCULEX industry standard brands include our ARMOR™, SPIDR™, MONSSTR®, and RIPR® systems


Setting the standard


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